Duo C Horsebox

The Overview

Save on costs, but not on quality: The standard Duo C impresses with its robust design, 13-ply plywood superstructure and a comprehensive set of features. What more can you want? Only one thing - a tack room! Optional accessories are also available for the tack room such as pull-out, height-adjustable saddle racks, plastic shovel, telescopic brush, mirror, door net and interior lighting.


The Details

  • Structure: 13-Ply Plywood
  • Weight that can be loaded: 1539 Kg
  • Weight incl. Horses: 2400 Kg
  • Total length: 4500 mm
  • Structure Length: 3100 mm
  • Total Width: 2200 mm
  • Internal Structure Width: 1650 mm
  • Total Height: 2730 mm
  • Internal Height of Structure: 2300 mm
  • 2 Berth