The Master Family

The Overview

The Master family still sparks enthusiasm with its elegant front-to-rear styling and exciting, elegant and sporty appearance. As a new standard feature it even has single-wheel polyester mudguards and polyester side strut covers, with LED interior Lighting  switchable from white to blue. The exclusive, the excellent driving comfort due to the world-class "WCFplus" chassis to automotive standards - all part of the package - and the generous space allowance all do justice to the design. - Genuine masterpieces!


Timeless elegance combined with exclusive features and generous dimensions. The Master leaves nothing to be desired! 

Big Master

Size does matter: The Big Master has particularly generous dimensions with an interior length of 3600 mm and an interior width of 1750 mm.

Big Master L

This guarantees a great deal of comfort and even more space for horse and rider.



Grand Master

The new addition to the Master Family. With  sliding windows, a roof vent and a variable center post partition this model is definitely GRAND!