Electric Fencing by Roflexs.

It´s fast, simple and tidy.

Their products are designed to overcome many of the inconveniences of other traditional electric fencing systems.

RoFlexs products have the care in design and quality of manufacture we find typified by German engieneering. Product is assembled in RoFlexs´s own factory with their own experienced workforce where they can keep tight control over their quality of manufacture. 

The Powered Premium post comes with the optional energiser built into the top of a post, which provides electrical power to both tapes, and will electrify a string of posts. It comes complete with an exernal rechargeable battery that plugs into the side of the post, and is magnetically held in place. It comes with a 240volt charger and a 24volt cigar lighter adapter. A powered post will energise a minimum of 10 posts, providing 50 hours of service, and has a 4 hour recharge cycle. The battery is rated for 1000 recharge cycles. The beauty of the RoFlexsPowered post is its simplicity, you just plug in the battery, pull out the activation pin, and your fence is live. No wires to connect, or separate energisers to earth etc.

The RoFlexs moveable paddock without electric fence power unit comprises four High Ouality posts.

The RoFlexs moveable paddock with electric fence power unit comprises three HQ posts and one HQ post with fully integrated electric fence power unit.


  • Aluminium section, reinforced and absolutely stable
  • 2 wide fence tapes can be extended from each post
  • HQ posts contain 2 x 8 metre fence tape
  • Durable spring system
  • Optimised ground spike, galvanised
  • Efficient electrical power feed


RoFlexs Premium Set XL 145

Mobile horse paddock for up to 64m² with automatic roll-in, set up in 2-3 minutes.


R    7.970,00 incl. VAT


RoFlexs Premium Set XL power 145

Mobile horse paddock for up to 64m² , fence energizer in one post integrated, rechargeable battery & charger.


R    11.290,00 incl. VAT


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The Premium System

The Roflexs Premium system is the top of the range system. The hollow metal posts have the electrical tape reels at the base, and the tapes run internally up the posts. Premium posts have a + section steel spike at their base together with a sturdy foot peg for inserting the post into the ground. Premium posts are all fitted with 2 tapes, and each post can create a bay of fencing of up to 8m.